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Music has its creator

Are you a composer, lyricist, arranger or all of these? Are you a professional? Are you a client of a copyright organisation? Send your membership application to Finnish Music Creators!

What is Finnish Music Creators’ Association?

  • Finnish Music Creators’ Association represents music creators. Lobbying and membership services are the essence of our activity.
  • Finnish Music Creators’ Association contribute to activities and decision making concerning the music sector.
  • Finnish Music Creators’ Association ensures that the members are given up-to-date and accurate information related to music creation.
  • Finnish Music Creators’ Association enables networking and professional development of its members.

Who can apply?

  • A professional composer, lyricst or arranger of finnish nationality or living in Finland who accepts the Association’s purpose and statutes
  • The membership requires a minimum of 500 euros of copyright revenue or equal revenue from composing, lyrical work and/or arrangement.
  • The Association’s board approves the members based on the application. Approval requires fulfilment of the aforementioned criteria.
  • The membership fee is 85 euros/year. The fee will be charged directly from Teosto’s distribution in June. There are no registration fees. The membership fee is deductible.
  • The Association keeps list of its members.

Why join?

  • Counseling on drafting contracts, pricing and other issues linked to music creation
  • Counseling from an accounting office on issues related to music creation
  • Legal advice
  • Member events
  • Professional training
  • ”Musiikintekijä” magazine published 4 times a year

Join the Finnish Music Creators' Association!

The application requires a strong identification using online banking or mobile ID. After identification you will be directed to the application form.


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