Säveltäjä Lasse Enersen on ehdokkaana Camille Awards -palkinnon saajaksi


Säveltäjä Lasse Enersen on ehdokkaana Camille Awards -palkinnon saajaksi

Säveltäjä Lasse Enersen on ehdokkaana Camille Awards (The European Film Composer Award) -palkinnon saajaksi Best Orchestral Score -sarjassa musiikistaan elokuvaan Tuntematon Sotilas.

Eurooppalainen asiantuntijaraati valitsee voittajan 20.10.2018 Pulassa (Kroatia) International Sound & Film Music Festivalin yhteydessä.



The Camille Awards are a set of awards given to composers of exceptional pieces of film and audio-visual music by their peer composers. The ceremony will take place October 20th 2018 in the frame of the International Sound & Film Music Festival (ISFMF) in Pula (Croatia). It is organised jointly by the festival’s organisers and the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA). The Camille Awards honour composers of original music for audio-visual artworks in three categories (“Best Orchestral Score”, “Best Electro-acoustic Score” and “Best Original Music for a Series”). In the first phase, fourteen member-organisations representing composers of music for the audiovisual sector in twelve European countries have submitted outstanding works from their respective region (see the full list below).

Delegates from these organisations  then proceeded to a first round of vote to reduce the selection to three per category:

Best Orchestral Score:

  • Ginge Anvik (Norway) for “Askeladden: I Dovregubbens hall”
  • Lasse Enersen (Finland) for “The Unknown Soldier”
  • Dario Marianelli (United Kingdom) for “Paddington 2”

Best Electro-acoustic Score:

  • Ola Fløttum (Norway) for “Thelma”
  • Adrian Foulkes & Lucio Godoy (Spain) for “La niebla y la doncella”
  • Jonas Struck (Denmark) for “QEDA”

Best Original Music for a Series:

  • Lorne Balfe & Rupert Gregson-Williams (United Kingdom) for “The Crown” second season
  • Jacob Groth (Denmark) for “Modus” second season
  • Ivan Martinez Lacámara and Manel Santisteban (Spain) for “La casa de papel”


The member-organisations have pre-selected the following works for this year:

Best Orchestral Score: “Façades” by Peter Baert (BE), “Tuntematon sotilas” (“Unknown soldier”) by Lasse Enersen (FI), “Askeladden: I Dovregubbens hall” by Ginge Anvik (NO), “Handia” by Pascal Gaigne (ES), “Korparna” (“Ravens”) by Peter Von Poehl (SE), “Paddington 2” by Dario Marianelli (UK)

Best Electro-acoustic Score: “Home” by Johnny Jewel (BE), “QEDA” by Jonas Struck (DK), “Paha Poliisi” (“Bad Police”) by Marko Nyberg (FI), “Thelma” by Ola Fløttum (NO), “La niebla y la doncella” by Lucio Godoy & Adrian Foulkes (ES), “Citizen Schein” by Karl Frid & Pär Frid (SE)

Best Original Music for a Series: “Tabula Rasa” by Lachlan Anderson (BE), “Modus” S02 by Jacob Groth (DK), “Love and Law” by Timo Hietala (FI), “Le Bureau des Légendes” S03 by Rob (FR), “Borderland” by Helmut Zerlett (DE), “Valkyrien” by Marius Christiaensen (NO), “La casa de papel” by Ivan Martinez Lacámara & Manel Santisteban (ES), “Jordskott” by Olle Ljungman & Erik Lewander (SE), “The Crown” S02 by Lorne Balfe & Rupert Gregson-Williams (UK)


Renamed in tribute to first composer of film music Camille Saint-Saëns, the Camille Awards (previously Grand Scores) were launched in 2014 at the initiative of composer and ECSA Vice-President Bernard Grimaldi as a celebration of European film music and its composers. They have been held every February in the context of the Berlinale but this year’s edition will take place in the frame of an exciting new partnership with the International Sound & Film Music Festival in Pula, Croatia.


The European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA) consists of a network of more than 50 organizations working together towards improving social and economic development of music creation in Europe through equitable commercial conditions for composers and songwriters. It sets out to defend and promote the rights of authors of music at national, European and international level by any legal means. The mission of the International Sound & Film Music Festival (ISFMF)is to promote and preserve film music and sound as an irreplaceable element of film. ISFMF also intends to expand awareness among the audience and filmmakers on the importance of original music and sound in film. The programme includes concerts of film music, panels and seminars, workshops, film market and parties. Additionally, a jury appraises film music in five categories.



ECSA is the official content lead of the Camille Film Music Awards. The awards are organised in partnership with Moët & Chandon and have been held in February every year since 2014 in the framework of the Berlinale. The role of the Alliance is to develop a fair and well thought-out selection procedure for the award ceremony, as well as to put together a jury in charge of selecting the winners. The Grand Scores has become the leading event celebrating European Film Music at the Berlinale Film Festival over the last years.

The fourth edition of the Grand Scores took place in Berlin on 2 February 2017. ECSA was, as in previous years, the official content partner of Moët & Chandon. The 2017 Grand Scores International Jury, consisting of Patrick Doyle, Ludovic Bource, Frans Bak and Fernando Velazquez selected the awardees of each competition category. The winners were:

Best Orchestral Score – Gaute Storaas for “En Man Som Heter Ove” (A Man Called Ove)

Best Orchestral Score – Clint Mansell for “High Rise”

Best Electro-Acoustic Score – Sophia Ersson for “Pojkarna” (Girls Lost)

Best Original Music for a Series – Victor Reyes for “The Night Manager”

The winner of the honorary category for Outstanding Contribution, Lalo Schifrin, has been chosen by ECSA’s Grand Scores Steering Committee with Moët & Chandon’s support.