Sanna Salmenkallio ehdokkaana pohjoismaisen elokuvamusiikkipalkinnon saajaksi


Sanna Salmenkallio ehdokkaana pohjoismaisen elokuvamusiikkipalkinnon saajaksi

Sanna Salmenkallio on Suomen ehdokkaana pohjoismaisen elokuvamusiikkipalkinto Harpan saajaksi musiikistaan elokuvassa Aalto (ohj. Virpi Suutari).

Pohjoismainen elokuvamusiikkipalkinto Harpa jaetaan vuosittain Nordic Film Music Days -tapahtumassa, joka järjestetään Berliinin elokuvafestivaalien yhteydessä helmikuussa. Voittajan valitsee kansainvälinen tuomaristo.


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The composer organizations of the five Nordic countries have announced their national nominees for the 12th Annual HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award. Once again, the nominees reflect the high quality and uniqueness of Nordic artistry, with a mix of Nordic electronic soundscapes, delicate & strong themes, confident collaborations, richly orchestrated music, and highly original scores.

The award ceremony will take place on Feb 12th with more details on the location to be announced in January.

Nominees 2022

DENMARK | Jonas Struck for his score for “Vores mand i Amerika” (directed by Christina Rosendahl)
*** An excellent and personal film score – inventive and different***

FINLAND | Sanna Salmenkallio for her score for “Aalto” (directed by Virpi Suutari)
***Surprise, elegance and a strong sense of purpose are present from start to finish, Salmenkallio’s music really gives life to this great documentary***

ICELAND| Þórarinn Guðnason for his score for “Lamb” (directed by Valdimar Jóhannsson)
*** the score and the sound design exert a subtle pressure that words would be unlikely to match ***

NORWAY | Erik Ljunggren for his score for “Gritt” (directed by Itonje Søimer Guttormsen)
*** the score plays an important role in this film, for coherence, direction and overall tone, and for weaving together the layers of the drama. ***

SWEDEN | Johan Testad for his score for “Björnstad” (directed by Peter Grönlund)
*** the score heightens the intensity of a multifaceted drama that holds great contrast: toxic macho culture, peer pressure, loneliness, vulnerability and longing ***

Each year during the HARPA Nordic Film Music Days, the HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award is awarded to the most outstanding Nordic score of the year – and thereby putting a spotlight on Nordic talent and craftmanship. National juries from each Nordic country have watched, listened, discussed, and finally decided which of the submitted scores will proceed as their national nominee. An international jury will determine the winner, which will be announced Saturday Feb 12th during Nordic Film Music Days.
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The HARPA Nordic Film Music Days & Composers Award was introduced by the Nordic composer organizations in 2010. Since 2016, the award ceremony took place at the Nordische Botschaften in Berlin in connection with the Berlinale Film Festival and virtually in 2021.

Previous Winners of HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award  

2021 Virtual | Flemming Nordkrog | Denmark | “Shine Your Eyes”
2020 Berlin | Gaute Storaas | Norway | “Bröllop, begravning & dop”
2019 Berlin | Davíð Þór Jónsson and Benedikt Erlingsson | Iceland | “Woman at war”
2018 Berlin| Daníel Bjarnason | Iceland | “Under the Tree”
2017 Berlin and Cannes | Honor award | Bent Fabricius-Bjerre | Denmark
2017 Berlin and Cannes | Sune Martin | Denmark | “Land of Mine”
2016 Berlin | Honor award | Jóhann Jóhannsson | Iceland
2016 Berlin | Atli Örvarsson | Iceland | “Rams”
2014 Espoo | Matti Bye | Sweden | “Faro”
2013 Trondheim |Tuomas Kantelinen | Finland | “Puhdistus”
2012 Reykjavik |Fredrik Emilson | Sweden | “Kronjuvelarna”
2011 Copenhagen | Gaute Storaas | Norway | “Elias og jakten på havets gull”
2010 Gothenburg | Dani Strömbäck | Finland | “Letters to Father Jacob”

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PR and Interview requests | Thomas Mikusz | | +1 310 230 5678

Nordic Film Music Days (NFMD) is carried out as a collaboration between the Nordic composer organizations, Music Norway and Music Finland. To achieve its goals Nordic Film Music Days is once again co-operating closely with the Nordic Embassies in Berlin and the national film institutes. HARPA Nordic Film Music Days and Nordic Film Composers Award is the ‘place-to-meet’ for anybody interested in Nordic film and Nordic film- & media-music. Through collaborations with other European festivals and events, Nordic Film Music Days is showcased throughout the year.

Nordic Film Music Days and HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award is supported by Nordisk Film og TV fond and the Nordic Embassies in Berlin.

Partners of HARPA Nordic Film Music Days 2021
– Skap (The Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers & Authors)
– FST (Swedish Society of Composers)
– Music Finland
– FMC (Finnish Music Creators)
– STEF (Icelandic Collective Rights Management Society)
– NOPA (Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists)
– Komponistforeningen (Norwegian Society of Composers)
– Music Norway
– BFM (Danish Organization for Film- and Media Composers)
– Thomas Mikusz, White Bear PR/Associated Publicist and International PR