Pessi Levanto Suomen ehdokas pohjoismaisessa elokuvamusiikkikilpailussa


Pessi Levanto Suomen ehdokas pohjoismaisessa elokuvamusiikkikilpailussa

Pessi Levanto on Suomen ehdokkaana musiikistaan elokuvaan Superposition (ohj. Karoline Lyngbye). Palkinto jaetaan Berlinalen elokuvamusiikkifestivaalien yhteydessä Nordic Film Music Days -tapahtumassa 17.2.2024.

Vuodesta 2010 jaettu Harpa-palkinto tuo esiin pohjoismaista elokuvamusiikkia palkitsemalla vuosittain pohjoismaisen säveltäjän. Suomi on voittanut palkinnon kolmesti: 2022 Sanna Salmenkallio (Aalto), 2013 Tuomas Kantelinen (Puhdistus) ja 2010 Dani Strömbäck (Postia pappi Jaakobille).

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Pessi Levanto’s timeless and organic score raises Superposition’s mystic atmosphere to a new dimension, in a way that only a professionally tailored original score can.

Music is strongly present, but no hints are granted for the viewer about what is about to happen or what one should think. 
Levanto’s score is in a primal way familiar and yet unheard.

Pessi Levanto

Pessi Levanto (b. 1973) is one of the most prominent film composers in Finland. His wide knowledge of both classical and jazz/rock genres gives him a versatile and personal way of writing. His style is often light and delicate, colourfully orchestrated and carefully crafted with old-school craftsmanship utilizing modern techniques.

Pessi has scored fifteen full-length feature films, around thirty short films and documentaries plus miscellaneous spots and commercials. He has released seven records of his own and played in and done arrangements for dozens of others. His works range from symphony orchestras to big bands, from chamber ensembles to a cappella groups, from rock bands to brass septets.

Recent work from Pessi includes; TV-Series ”Pala Sydämestä”(A Piece of My Heart) (2021), directed by Hanna Maylett. Feature film “The Innocents” (2021), directed by Eskil Vogt. Short film ”Reconstruction” (2021), directed by Pia Andell. Feature film ”Se Mieletön Remppa” (2020), directed by Taneli Mustonen and TV- series ’Lasten Tasavalta (Republic of Children) (2020), directed by Rami Saarijärvi.

​Other work from Pessi includes feature films; Psychosia” (2019), directed by Marie Grahtø, ”Oma Maa (Land of Hope) (2018), directed by Markku Pölönen, “Swingers” (2018), directed by Pamela Tola and short film “Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre” (2018), directed by Ilja Rautsi.

Apart from the film world, Pessi is a sought-after arranger and has written dozens of orchestral arrangements for all main Finnish orchestras. A big project in this field was, for example, Classical Trancelations with the Helsinki Philharmonics, sold-out shows of orchestral versions of club music calssics.
​Apart from the orchestral world, Pessi has also written chart-topping pop songs for Japanese and Korean markets for such well-known artists as Arashi, Sexy Zone, TVXQ, and Afterschool.

Nordic Film Music Days

Harpa Award Nominees 2024

DENMARK Jonas Struck
Apolonia, Apolonia directed by Lea Glob.
​It is vulnerable and raw music that rests both in the power of the simple theme and in the grander symphonic perspective.

FINLAND Pessi Levanto
Superposition directed by Karoline Lyngbye
His timeless and organic score raises Superposition’s mystic atmosphere to a new dimension, in a way that only a professionally tailored original score can.

ICELAND Edvard Egilsson
Smoke Sauna Sisterhood directed by Anna Hints
It is special and rare to witness an interaction of the music  withall the elements that make up this multilayered storytelling that is tender, honest and heartrending.

NORWAY Ola Fløttum
Let The River Flow directed by Ole Giæver
His compositions enhance the temperature and colors of the film, allowing us to become one with the protagonist’s emotions.

SWEDEN Irya Gmeyner & Martin Hederos
​TV series, Thin Blue Line directed by Sanna Lenken
The music portrays ethical dilemmas and dramatic scenes with a contemporary and inviting interface, demonstrating skill in craftsmanship and composition.