Discover ECSA’s music creators Playlist - Call for Works - lähetä teos viimeistään 31.5.2022


Discover ECSA’s music creators Playlist – Call for Works – lähetä teos viimeistään 31.5.2022

Eurooppalainen musiikintekijäjärjestöjen kattojärjestö ECSA on laatimassa Discover ECSA’s music creators -soittolistaa. Listalle kootaan jokaisesta jäsenmaasta, mukaanlukien Suomi, maksimissaan kolme teosta. Soittolista sijoitetaan Spotifyhyn ja Apple Musiciin. Soittolistan tarkoituksena on tuoda esiin eurooppalaisia musiikintekijöitä. Soittolistan teemana on nyt Music for Peace.

Mikäli haluat ehdottaa teostasi mukaan soittolistalle, toimi alla olevien ohjeiden mukaisesti. Varmista, että teoksesi täyttää vaatimukset. Lähetä ehdotuksesi ja siihen liittyvät tiedot englanniksi (ohjeet englanniksi alla) sähköpostitse viimeistään 31.5.2022.

Valinta tullaan tekemään arpomalla. Arvonnassa voidaan painottaa eri genrejä mikäli niitä tulee epätasaisesti. Mukaan päässeille ilmoitetaan henkilökohtaisesti. Soittolista julkistetaan maailman musiikin päivänä (World Music Day) 21.6.2022.


Discover ECSA’s music creators Playlist – Call for Works

  • The European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA) is pleased to launch a call for works to be considered for Discover ECSA’s music creators Playlist.
  • The playlist will be a collection of compositions and songs coming from the ECSA member organisations and it will be made public on 21st June 2022 – World Music Day.
  • The goal is to promote European composers and songwriters and raise their visibility to the wider public.
  • With this playlist, ECSA aims at actively guiding the public in discovering recent releases from over 15 countries and creating its very own, one of a kind “European Music Listening Experience”.

The theme of this year’s playlist is “Music for Peace”

  • Music has no borders and has always been an ally of peace in the world. Sometimes art can be the best way to send a message and has often been the advocate of peace in the past.
  • This is why, especially in these trying times, we have decided to use this theme for the very first ECSA music creators’ playlist. The playlist will contain songs and compositions that celebrate the essence and importance of peace.
  • The definition of peace that ECSA is concentrating on for this call is “peace as the absence of conflict and freedom from civil disturbance”.

The theme can be present in the submissions in different ways

  • In the case of a song, the lyrics must clearly communicate the message of peace.
  • For compositions without lyrics, acceptable submissions must have been composed in the optics of peace and no-conflict.
  • Film scores can also be submitted. In this case, the movie/ the scenes to which the score belongs to must also transmit the topic of peace.
  • As opposed to playlists grouping songs or musical works according to genre similarities, at ECSA we have decided to concentrate on a more thematic similarity between tracks. This will allow more genre diversification within the ECSA members’ submissions.
  • Should the theme “Music for Peace” not be respected within the submissions or should the entries not meet any other of the call’s specifications, they will not be included in the playlist.


  • Works must have been written within the last 15 years
  • The song/s and compositions submitted need to be available to the public on two music platforms (Spotify, Apple Music)
  • All formations of available instruments are allowed
  • All music genres are allowed in the submissions
  • We encourage pieces of all lengths but ask that the piece does not exceed 9 minutes
  • All entries must “be partially credited at least” to members of the ECSA member organisations (eli olet Suomen Musiikintekijöiden jäsen)

Submission requirements – nämä tiedot tulee löytyä lähettämästäsi hakemuksesta (englanniksi)

  • Title (Song Title)
  • Credits Written by (songwriters/composers); Produced by (producer); Performed by (possible artist); Published by (musical work copyright claimant)
  • Duration
  • Genre
  • Links (Spotify and Apple Music)
  • In case the that the work is not released yet but it is guaranteed that it will be, before the 21st June 2022, please make sure the following is also annexed to the submission: Recording of the entry (MP3 format only)
  • Short Biography and website of the creator
  • Contact information of the creator/s
  • Social media profile of the creator/s
  • Photo of the creator (with credit information and authorization to use)