Call for works: ECSA Playlist 2024 - Celebrating female composers


Call for works: ECSA Playlist 2024 – Celebrating female composers

Lähetä teoksesi eurooppalaisten musiikintekijäjärjestöjen kattojärjestö ECSAn (European Composer and Songwriter Alliance) soittolistalle!

Mikäli haluat teoksesi ECSAn soittolistalle, lähetä ehdotuksesi viimeistään 28.5.2024. Lähetä vain yksi teos. Soittolistalle lisätään kolme teosta per maa, joten mikäli ehdotuksia tulee enemmän kuin kolme, listalle lisättävät arvotaan. Pyrimme huomioimaan soittolistalle lisättävien teoksien monimuotoisuuden. Alla ohjeet ja lisätietoa englanniksi. Lähetäthän hakemuksen englanniksi.

Discover ECSA’s music creators playlist – Call for Works

The European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA) is pleased to launch a call for works to be considered for Discover ECSA’s music creators Playlist.

After two successful editions in 2022 and 2023, ECSA will once again create a collection of compositions and songs coming from the ECSA member organisations, to be published on 21st June 2024 on World Music Day. The goal is to promote European composers and songwriters and increase their visibility to the wider public. With this playlist, ECSA aims at actively guiding the public in discovering recent releases from numerous European countries and creating its very own, one of a kind “European Music Listening Experience”. The playlist will help raising awareness of music creators in the ECSA network.

The theme of this year’s playlist is ”Celebrating female composers”. Since several years, ECSA has been active to strive for more gender equality and diversity in the music industry with various initiatives. However, we still see an underrepresentation of female composers and songwriters in music. This year’s theme of “Discover ECSA’s music creators playlist” will therefore celebrate the works of our members’ female composers. By putting their music in the spotlight, we hope to foster a more diverse and inclusive landscape for music creators.

Playlist release: 21 June 2024.

How to attend

Send the following information

  • Title and credits
  • Duration
  • Genre
  • Links to Spotify and Apple Music
  • Links to social media (used for promotional purposes)

Send the application by 28.5.2024 to

Additional information

  • Credits should include: “(Song Title); Written by (songwriters/composers); Produced by (producer); Performed by (possible artist); Published by (musical work copyright claimant)”
  • If the work is not released yet but, it is guaranteed that it will be before the 21st June 2024, please make sure the following is also annexed to the submission: Recording of the entry (MP3 format only)


1. Works must have been written by (at least one) female (identifying) composer(s);
2. Works must have been published within the last 15 years;
3. The song/s and compositions submitted need to be available on both Spotify and Apple Music;
4. All formations of available instruments are allowed;
5. All music genres are allowed in the submissions;
6. We encourage pieces of all lengths but ask that the piece does not exceed 10 minutes;
7. All entries must “be partially credited at least” to members of the ECSA member organisations.