Aarhus 2017 kulttuuripääkaupunki - tee kaupungille ääni!

Aarhus 2017 kulttuuripääkaupunki – tee kaupungille ääni!

When Aarhus and the region celebrate the title of Capital of Culture in 2017 the event will have its own sound. The Capital of Culture and the three composer’s associations in Denmark are now announcing a competition open for all composers to make their bid for the notes that will signify the year 2017. More about Aarhus Capital of Culture https://www.aarhus2017.dk/english
European Capital of Culture, Aarhus 2017 and the three composer’s associations Danish Jazz, Beat and Folk Authors (DJBFA), the Danish Composer’s Association (DKF) and Danish Popular Authors (DPA), have joined forces on a new culture project that will resonate all over the region. “The sound of Aarhus 2017” is the title of the project that aims to give the Capital of Culture a unique sound. Composers from all genres are invited to propose their view of the Capital of Culture sound.
The selected piece will sound across the region for the official opening in 2017 and will be replayed at events all through the year and reproduced in various formats. The winning composer will help shape formats and reproductions.
Programme Director Gitte Just has great expectations for the competition, which she hopes will inspire people to take part in the Capital of Culture:
“I am happy we can now present an international call for ideas for “Sound of Aarhus 2017”. We hope to receive ideas for a piece that can mark the Capital of Culture year across the region, all over Denmark in an unusual and memorable way. We also hope the piece can become a reminder of experiences and memories of Aarhus 2017, leaving behind a legacy beyond the year itself,” says Just.
“We have made a very competent and exciting jury who will assess the bids we receive. The jury composition is our way of signifying that we would like to see a different and unusual piece with potential to develop along with citizens. A piece that can be experienced and listened to in various formats and settings – in the city, in nature, concert halls, bunkers, in schools etc. We hope citizens challenge our views of how and where we experience the Sound of Aarhus 2017 – and that they will rethink with us,”she continues.
Tjill Dreyer, Head of Secretariat in the Composer and Song Writer’s association DJBFA, agrees with Gitte Just on the project’s perspectives and connecting it with the Rethink theme.
“We envision a piece that is a unifying event for all citizens in the region. A piece that fosters recognition, surprise and joy. For instance by using fragments of the region’s narrative and legacy. For the RETHINK theme, it is important that the piece is generated through various types of collaboration with citizens of the region – we will leave the how up the composers,” says Dreyer.
All proposals will be judged by a select jury comprised by representatives from the international music scene:
Mary Miller, General and Artistic Director for Bergen Nasjonale Opera
Georg Weckwerth, Sound Artist and Curator
David Moss, Singer and Performer
Christian Skovbjerg Jensen, Head of Inter Arts Center Malmö
a fifth jury member to be announced

The winning piece will be awarded with 200,000 DKK  (approximately 27.000 Euro). The competition is open for all composers regardless of nationality and genre.



– Send the material as MP3 or link to a website where the music can be streamed or downloaded 
– All material should be sent to me: sth@komponistforeningen.dk
– For the first deadline, it’s primarily the description of an idea of the piece that should be send in: 
• Max. 2 A4 pages as pdf describing the concept of the piece you wish to realize the Capital of Culture 2017, including your preliminary thoughts about the piece’s realization and visual side. Video and sound files are welcome but not obligatory. Please, name your proposal files ‘Proposal_text’, ‘Proposal_sound’, ‘Proposal_video’. 
• Complete list of works and CV including name, address, phone, e-mail and website 
• 2-3 examples of other pieces written within the past 10 years handed in either as audio or video files. Scores as pdf can also be submitted but is not a requirement 
About the sound:
Sound in this case is ’sound’ in a more abstract sense; ’how does Aarhus sound like?’ It’s not just a song and more than a jingle but it can contain lyrics if the composer sees this as part of the idea. We invite composers to submit their view / picture of Aarhus if it is to described in sound – it can be concrete, abstract, symbolic etc. As written in the call, there is no limits in terms of the artistic expression and the form, but there are certain elements and groups of performers that should be included in the piece. 
Furthermore, Aarhus 2017 is interested in a piece that can exist in two forms – as a big live event for the opening of the cultural capital-year and as a kind of installation that can be played throughout the year.
Project timeline:
01.12.2014: Deadline for proposals
January 2015: All proposals are judged by the jury, shortlisted proposals are informed.
Spring 2015: Further process with shortlisted proposals
01.06.2015: Winning proposal announced
01.06.2016: Deadline for score, voices, sound files and technical rider
January 2017: First performance
Questions related to the call for proposals: Sine Tofte Hannibal, +45 30263719
Questions related to European Capital of Culture 2017: Christopher Just, +45 28923441
Media: Peter Vestergaard, +45 20131090
The Jury: 
Mary Miller
General and Artistic Director for Bergen Nasjonale Opera, former Director of Stavanger 2008 (European Capital of Culture), former Head of festivals in Scotland and USA, for a number of years she headed development of new repertoire for the English National Opera etc.
David Moss
Performer, Singer, Curator etc. Based in Berlin. Founder of the Institute for Living Voice, with which he has done several major performances and projects with audience participation. Among other things a major singing project for professional singers, amateurs and “non-singers”, performing concerts in public spaces and most recently an event in Umeå, Capital of Culture 2014 involving an orchestra, a choir, children and athletes.
Georg Weckwerth
Sound Artist and Curator, based in Vienna. Has produced major sound art projects in public spaces in among other cities; Berlin, Vienna and Prague. He is among the most knowledgeable re sound in public spaces. He has curated a sound art exhibition in the old control tower on Knippelsbro during the 2012 Copenhagen Art Festival.
Christian Skovbjerg Jensen
New manager of Inter Arts in Malmö, has previously spent many years curating art in the public space in Denmark. Among those Copenhagen Art Festival, where he was responsible for curating pieces in public spaces.